Paola Corradini, Pedagogista Clinico, Reflector, Educatrice Professionale - Pesaro / Ancona.
Socio ANPEC/Marche, Formatrice in Psicodramma Olistico e in Disegno Onirico.
Paola Corradini, Pedagogista Clinico Pesaro Urbino / Ancona Telefona Pedagogista Clinico Fano, Pesaro Urbino, Ancona

 Paola Corradini, Clinical Pedagogist Pesaro-Urbino / Fano / Ancona
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Paola Corradini is a clinical Pedagogist, Reflector, isfar professor and Director of ANPEC for the Marche Region. She has 13 years experience in education and the prevention of difficulties than can inhibit people’s development throughout their lives.

In 2003 Paola opened a Pedagogist Clinic in Ancona, both in the Marche, region of Italy.

Net working Nationally and Internationally through conventions conferences and courses. Paola has an innovative vision of education of education that considers an holistic approach to caring, enabling people to channel their experience and creativity. This experience consolidates and renews with time, elaborating on the importance of emotional dimensions for learning in relationships and the health of the person.

Paola has developed many important and admired courses for children, adolescents and adults, sometimes using an individual personal resources to discover their talents and possibilities, promoting a culture of self knowledge and potential for personal growth, through various forms of armonic activity as an instrument for knowledge and evolution.

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